Our Services

  • Services related to dispute settlement

    A successful management of a legal case concerning the Iranian law requires having access to English translation of the relevant laws and regulations, jurisprudence and doctrinal literature. Our expert researchers find and translate the relevant legal materials into English and French and prepare analytical reports on these texts for you.

  • Legal Policy

    If you want to get an overall view of the Iranian legal system and a realistic understanding of its future developments, it is indispensable to keep yourself informed about the Iranian legal policies. We provide you with English version of these policies and explain their impact on each section of the Iranian economy and trade.

  • Laws & Regulations

    In the post-sanctions era, the Parliament of Iran (Majles) is passing new laws to help the economic system of the country adapt itself to the rapidly developing international legal environment. Based on the level of your needs, our analytical reports explain the latest laws and regulations on your issues of interest. English or French translation of the most important provisions of these laws and regulations will appear at the end of our reports.

  • International Commercial Contracts

    Every international commercial contract is closely tied to and continuously affected by its governing and applicable laws as well as by the interpretations attributed to them. We provide you with contextual analysis of your contract by concentrating on the laws and regulations, jurisprudence and doctrinal literature that enable you to get a better understanding of your contractual obligations and duties.

  • International Sanctions

    The international sanctions imposed on Iran continue to have serious impacts on the Iranian economy. Legal repercussions of these sanctions are of great importance to all of those who are interested in establishing trade contacts with Iran. Our experts will help you to look at these sanctions from different perspectives to avoid any legal trouble in future.

  • Business-Related Services

    Our experts are ready to prepare business intelligence and due diligence reports for our clients. Translation of legal and business texts from English or French to Persian and vice versa are also included in “Our Services”.

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