About Us

A. Law in Iran Group

Our Group is composed of experts (lawyers, judges, researchers, economists, accountants, engineers, etc.) in different countries of the world who handle issues related to foreign trade with Iran. This multivalent composition enables the Group to look into various aspects of a project and to use a holistic approach in dealing with its legal, economic, financial, technical and environmental challenges.

B. Our objectives

·         To facilitate foreign trade and investment in Iran through providing legal and information-sharing services both inside and outside Iran;

·         To encourage collaboration between experts at international level especially between experts working in neighbouring countries of Iran with the Iranian experts; and

·         To adopt a development-oriented and project-based approach while respecting the rules of ethics and environment protection.

C. Our services

Law in Iran Group provides you with professional services with respect to:

1) Dispute settlement (arbitration, mediation, conciliation and litigation);

2) International agreements and contracts (from drafting to signing; from interpretation to litigation);

3) Sanctions and restrictions (including the UN, the EU and the US sanctions);

4) International business negotiations (including translation and simultaneous interpretation); and

5) Responding to queries on different aspects of international trade law.

D. Our founding member

The founding member of our group is Mr. Farhad Emam. He is an Iranian - Canadian lawyer who studied law both in Iran (LLM, Faculty of Law of University of Tehran) and in Canada (LLB/BCL, Faculty of Law of McGill University). His work experience includes 8 years of working at UNHCR, 25 years of working with the International Law Office of Dr. Behrooz Akhlaghi & Associates as well as working as a researcher at the Institute of Comparative Law of Tehran University and the National Institute of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (NIGEB).  

Mr. Emam has also been involved in teaching commercial law, international commercial contracts and legal text in English at Azad University, University of Tehran and the Institute for Trade Studies and Research (ITSR). His writings on different aspects of international trade law of Iran are included in the following texts: 1) International Banking Law and Regulation (Thomson Reuters, 2016); 2) The International Comparative Legal Guide to Oil and Gas Regulations 2015 (ICLG); 3) Chambers Country Practice Guides on Energy: Oil& Gas (2015); 4) Journal of the International Institute for Law and Medicine (2015); and 5) Doing Business with Iran (Kogan Page, 2002).


D. International Cooperation Network

A. Outside Iran

1. Mr. Ara PapyanLawyer (Armenia) - https://www.linkedin.com/in/ara-papyan-16a12434

2. Tatyana Pozdneeva - Advocate (Belarus) - https://www.linkedin.com/in/tatyana-pozdneeva-b0507a4a/en
3. Ms. Delara Emami - Barrister, Solicitor & Notary Public (Canada) - https://ca.linkedin.com/in/delara-emami-200b6532

4. Mr. Saeid Shabani - Assistant Editor at Asian Journal of Law and Society (China) - https://ir.linkedin.com/in/saeid-shabani-770b159b

5. Mr. Alexandre Ebtedaei - Partner - Head of the Employment Practice at FTPA (France) - http://www.ftpa.com/en/equipe/associes/id-69-ebtedaei

6. Mr. Manish Paliwal - Founder of Corporate Legal Partners (India) - https://in.linkedin.com/in/khushlikeu1manish

7. Ms. Haniyeh Amiri – Investment Management Expert (Spain) - https://ir.linkedin.com/in/haniyeh-amiri-85072779

8. Mr. Ali Fateh Consultant (Switzerland) - https://ch.linkedin.com/in/ali-fateh-8215b7117
9. Mr. A. Vahit Kaya - Founder of Kaya Partner Lawyers (Turkey) - https://tr.linkedin.com/in/a-vahit-kaya-llm-mba-17b39a11

10. Ms. Marjane Moghimi - Energy Risk Professional (UK) - https://uk.linkedin.com/in/marjanemoghimi

11. Ms. Shadi Karimi – Attorney licensed in NY (USA) - https://www.linkedin.com/in/shadikarimi

 B. Inside Iran

1. International Law Office of Dr. Behrooz Akhlaghi & Associates (Tehran) - http://www.intllaw.net

2. Olya International Law Office (Tehran) - http://www.olya.ir/

3. Tabriz International Law Office (TILO) (Tabriz) - http://tilolawyers.com/

4. Ahmadi Law Firm (Mashhad) - https://ir.linkedin.com/in/ahmadahmadi